OPI – One Philippines International, Inc.

is a wholly Filipino owned company composed by individuals with a passion to provide financially rewarding opportunities thru a unique proposition not available with other marketing or manufacturing companies.

Mostly with experience in marketing working with banks, the owners were able to slowly but surely expand its market in Manila, Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union, Baguio, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Cebu, Bohol and Leyte in less than six (6) months. It also now has growing number of distributors in Hongkong and Dubai.

It all started with a Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to empower the individual and lift their socio economic status by providing livelihood trainings, social services, and revive the Filipino spirit of ”bayanihan.” But since the NGO is a non-stock corporation, attaining its mission was not easy.

Thus, the OPI was born. Thru OPI, which is a stock corporation, the mission of providing financial income for fellow Filipinos were more attainable and “bayanihan” became more realistic thru its growing number of distributors. Through the Bayanihan System, OPI aims to revive this long standing Filipino value of altruism with a mix of modern technology.

OPI was established with a heart of making people happy. It wants to give equal opportunities to all Filipinos including the masses, hence becoming a distributor was made affordable with benefits of a lifetime security, but not taking into sacrifice the quality of its products made for the consumption of its clients. The combination of 3 powerful herbs, and testimonials of the customers alike would prove the dedication of the company to bring forth wellness.

Today, OPI bears the unique proposition remarkable only to its company – the only distribution and manufacturing company which integrated the benefits unique to its members – Low Distributorship fee, Good Product (Combination of 3 Powerful Herbs), Good Marketing Plan, Bayanihan Benefits (Emergency, Damayan, OPI Birthday Gift), and affiliation to the country’s top Non-Government Organization – The C.S.I. .


“ S a    L a h a t    n g     P a n a h o n    …… 
B a y a n i h a n    a n g    S o l u s y o n ”