Our Business

Our business plan is human-centered and rewarding to all of our members. Giving them an opportunity to grow and leverage the potentials of a better life.


We honor all of our leaders and future leaders that guides our community to achieve their goals.

Designed Compensation

Our compensation plan caters all, coming from students, professionals, part-timers, mothers or even an established businessman.


We merit all members who excel and give passion to their business, as we strive to lead them for bigger goals.

We listen

We understand and learn from our members’ concerns and provide them solutions on how our business will help them succeed.

9 Ways to Earn

Be rewarded from your effort by working with your team thru the help of your leaders and the company.

Direct Selling

up to 30% off

Enjoy Discounted rate products or benefit by retailing it at SRP while earning your rebates.

Direct Referral

Direct Referral

Direct income from your newly sponsored distributors.

Sponsorship Royalty

Sponsorship Royalty

Earn royalty from the directs of your distributors.

Direct Selling


Enjoy Discounted rate products or benefit by retailing it at SRP while earning your rebates.

Group Repeat Sales Rebates

Repeat Purchases PV

Generate PV from your groups repeat orders based on your unilevel structure.

Business Assistance

Sponsorship Royalty

Earn a business bonus based on your performance.

Performance Incentives

Lifestyle Rewards

Aside from enjoying bigger income potential as you move up in status, you also enjoy the Lifestyle Rewards

Entry Package

P 1,898

  • 4 Addlife juice
  • 20 GCs
  • 4 livelihood coupons
  • 4 brochures
  • 2 application forms
  • Eco bag
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Entry Package

P 9,490

  • 20 Addlife Juice
  • 100 Gift Certificates
  • 20 Livelihood Training Coupons
  • Application Form
  • Brochures
  • OPI ID
  • Eco Bag
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Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to empower the individual and lift their socio economic status by providing livelihood trainings, social services, and revive the Filipino spirit of ”bayanihan.”


Trainings Conducted


Life Improvement